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MS-Word friendly.
As you expect it.

Perfect copy & paste from MS Word - keep all formatting, get rid of all the bad code. Work always on the final document. 

Easy integration.
Created for you.

Aloha Editor is a stand alone library with a functional and stateless API that provides you with essential editing capabilities not available in browsers.

Ridiculously smooth.

Our stack executes in 5-6ms for most editing operations. Resulting in a frame rate of 60 FPS. Perfect for creating modern, smooth apps.

Super small.

Aloha Editor is smaller - with 142KB it's loading quicker and starting faster than other browser based editors.

Full control.
Your content API.

No more contentEditable. Other editors are limited by web browsers capabilities. Aloha Editor isn´t.

Your UI.
Is our command.

Use the clean and modern user interface of Aloha Editor, customize it or use the one you already have.

Aloha Editor is Open Source

Aloha Editor is distributed under the GPL v2 or later Open Source License. That means you can use it under the terms of GPL v3 as well. Generally Public Licenses are intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change all versions of a program ensuring its existence as free software for all its users. If GPL v2 does not match with what you plan to do, our commercial license is the way to go.

Commercial Licenses

If you can't or don't want to use the community GPLv2 edition of Aloha Editor, our commercial licenses are the ideal choice for you. If our default license models don't fit your needs please contact us for an individual offer.

The License is valid for either using Aloha Editor 1.x or Aloha Editor 2 Alpha.


1 developer
1 project
1 support ticket/month
1 year of updates


3 developers
1 project
2 support tickets/month
1 year of updates


For an individual
offer feel free to
Contact us