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Release Guide

This guide will describe the aloha editor release lifecyle and practical releasing example. Please read which describes in detail the branch structure and release process as seen from git.

1 Release Lifecycle

1.1 Feature Release

For every feature release a new release branch will be created. This branch must be named using the targeted release version. If you want to release 0.20.0 it will be named: release-0.20.0. The release branch will always be created from the dev branch.

1.2 Hotfix Release

A hotfix release can be done from an existing hotfix branch. The hotfix level of the version will be raised one leve. (eg. 0.20.0 → 0.20.1)

1.3 Post Release Steps

  • After a release has been done the tagged version will be merged into the master branch.
  • A hotfix branch for the release will be created in which hotfixes can be applied.
  • The tagged version will be merged into the dev branch. Please note that the dev version should always be one level above the current major release version. (eg. current stable is 0.20.0 than the dev branch version would be 0.30.0-dev.)

2 Practical Maven Feature Release Example For Version 0.20.0

1. Update the dev branch.

  git checkout dev
  git pull origin dev

2. Switch into the release branch and update it.

  git checkout release
  git pull origin dev
  git push origin release

3. Prepare the release and define the release version.

  mvn release:prepare

Next development version will be 0.20.1-SNAPSHOT. We just raise the bugfix level.

[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Building Aloha Editor 0.20.0-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] --- maven-release-plugin:2.0:prepare (default-cli) @ alohaeditor ---
[INFO] Verifying that there are no local modifications...
[INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd /home/release_prepare/alohaeditor-fork && git status
[INFO] Working directory: /home/release_prepare/alohaeditor-fork
[INFO] Checking dependencies and plugins for snapshots ...
What is the release version for "Aloha Editor"? (org.alohaeditor:alohaeditor) 0.20.0: : 
What is SCM release tag or label for "Aloha Editor"? (org.alohaeditor:alohaeditor) alohaeditor-0.20.0: : 
What is the new development version for "Aloha Editor"? (org.alohaeditor:alohaeditor) 0.20.1-SNAPSHOT: : 
[INFO] Transforming 'Aloha Editor'...
[INFO] Not generating release POMs
[INFO] Executing goals 'clean verify'...
[WARNING] Maven will be executed in interactive mode, but no input stream has been configured for this MavenInvoker instance.
[INFO] [INFO] Scanning for projects...
[INFO] [INFO]                                                                         
[INFO] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] [INFO] Building Aloha Editor 0.20.0
[INFO] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] [INFO] --- maven-clean-plugin:2.4.1:clean (default-clean) @ alohaeditor ---
[INFO] [INFO] Deleting /home/release_prepare/alohaeditor-fork/target

4. Test the created preview release in all supported browsers.

5. Perform the maven release. This will push the artifact to archiva.

  git add .
  git commit -m "Maven release prepare"
  git push origin release
  mvn release:perform

6. Checkout the master branch and merge it with the release branch

  git checkout master
  git pull origin master 
  git pull origin release
  git push origin master

8. Update the dev branch

  git checkout dev
  git pull origin release
  git push origin dev

9. Update the dev branch version to 0.21.0-dev-SNAPSHOT

  mvn release:update-versions -DdevelopmentVersion=0.21.0-dev-SNAPSHOT -DautoVersionSubmodules=true

3 Practical Maven Hotfix Release Example

1. Switch to the hotfix branch and update it

  git checkout hotfix
  git pull origin hotfix

3. Continue with step three from the feature release example

3.1 Post Release Steps

  • Upload the released zip file to
  • Add the release to the artifactItems of and reinvoke synchronisation of the CDN.
  • Tweet about the release

3.2 Commercial Releases

It is also possible to create a commercial release by specifying a different maven profile. A commerical release of aloha editor will contain different license texts.

	mvn release:prepare  -Pcommercial -Darguments=-Pcommercial
	mvn release:perform  -Pcommercial -Darguments=-Pcommercial

		<build.licenseType>Aloha Editor commercial license</build.licenseType>
		<snapshots.repoName>Snapshots Repository</snapshots.repoName>
		<releases.repoName>Releases Repository</releases.repoName>