Changes with Aloha.Editor 0.25.0

Manual Change

The extra/flag-icons plugin is not shipped anymore. It needs to be removed from the data-aloha-plugins attribute.


It is now possible to use a configured table of characters to replaces characters in headerids names.
This provides a means for translating special characters in headerid strings into those that are safe for files systems, for example.

Feature KB1211

link-plugin: Link attribute ‘hreflang‘ can be edited for external links. For internal links, the hreflang
is set to the default language of the page.


core: A shim has been added to the Aloha object to replace the deprecated jQuery.browser.
Aloha.browser now performs the same function as $.browser. This allows Aloha to be run in applications using
jQuery 1.9.* and 2.*.*. Code references to $.browser have been changed to Aloha.browser.


format-plugin: Possibility to remove list items from ordered lists, unordered lists and definition lists added.


list-plugin: Various enhancements have been added to the plugin.

  • It is now possible to add definition lists.
  • It is now possible to set pre-defined or user defined styles on lists.
  • Preview templates are now render in the Aloha toolbar list style submenus.
  • The corresponding list button will be highlighted when the cursor is on a list.
  • The class “alohafocus” will be set on focused definition lists.


The Aloha Editor licenses packages were merged. From now on only one download package variation will be distributed.


The non functional extra speak plugin was removed.