Changes with Aloha.Editor 0.25.28

Bugfix SUP-619

When using internet explorer, it sometimes was possible to drag a block
into another block (instead of right after it). This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-619

When using Internet Explorer, it was possible to navigate the cursor
into non-editable areas (blocks), because the contenteditable implementation
of IE is broken. This fix will move the cursor out of the non-editable area in
such cases. Additionally, it prevents inserting text into non-editable areas with
the keyboard, in cases where moving the cursor out did not work for some reasons.

Bugfix SUP-622

Errors in table-plugin:

  • When pressing delete in a paragraph right before a link with a table after the paragraph, the cursor will jump into the first table cell.
  • When pressing delete in a link in the last position before a table, the cursor will not jump into the first table cell but the table gets deleted.
    Both errors have been fixed.