Changes with Aloha.Editor 1.1.15

Enhancement SUP-744

Make the shrinktofit option for the jqGrid (the object list) in the repository browser configurable. This option can be used to make the repository browsers width bigger on smaller screens while keeping the benefits of the dynamic resizing of the column widths.

Bugfix SUP-158

If content in an editable changes in a way that moves the
current selection out of the viewport, the window will now
be scrolled to put the selection into the viewport again.
This may happen e.g. when pressing enter at the end of an
editable or pasting large contents.

Bugfix SUP-158

The behaviour of rendering empty block-level elements in
Internet Explorer 11 has changed to be more consistent with
the HTML specification and other browsers. Empty block-level
elements in Internet Explorer 11 will now contain end breaks.
This fixes the sudden disappearance of paragraphs when editing in IE 11.

Bugfix SUP-740

When having the cursor on a link (in an editable that allows links) and
then clicking into an editable, that does not allow links, the “Insert Link“
button was shown in the “Insert” tab of the toolbar. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-143

Pasting lists from Word has been improved to determine the correct list
type in more cases.

Bugfix SUP-749

It was not possible to drag and drop inline blocks (spans)
between words of editables. Instead inline blocks could be dropped
between block-level elements (like paragraphs).
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-763

Highlighting of the dropzones when dragging blocks has been improved.
When dragging a block-level element between other block-level elements,
the dropzone will now be highlighted between the elements, not at the
end or start of one of them.

Bugfix SUP-763

Moving the cursor between blocks using the LEFT or RIGHT key
did not work reliably when using Internet Explorer and has been fixed.