Changes with Aloha.Editor 1.1.18

Bugfix SUP-869

Table-plugin: Insertion of a new table will trigger a smart-content-changed event.

Bugfix SUP-869

Block-plugin: When dropping an inline block into another editable,
the target editable will be activated.

Bugfix SUP-878

Block-plugin: When dragging inline-blocks over block-level elements (like paragraphs) containing
only a number of whitespace characters, the whole editable will now be accepted as dropzone.
When the inline-block is dropped into the block-level element (paragraph) containing only
whitespace characters, the block will be dropped before the whitespace characters.

Bugfix SUP-834

When multiple rows or columns where selected in a table, the “row“ or “column” tab was not
always shown in the floating menu. This has been fixed: the appropriate tabs are now
always shown when a whole row or column is selected. Either through column or row selection
or through selection of multiple cells.

Bugfix SUP-875

Some issues with pressing “delete” when the cursor was placed between two tables:
In some cases, the drag-handles of a table was removed, in other cases, both tables were removed.