Changes with Aloha.Editor 1.2.14

Bugfix SUP-841

Fix multiple issues with placement of the caret before and after inline aloha-blocks. It was not possible to place the caret:

  • next to an inline block (before or after) when the inline block was alone in a line (no paragraph)
  • after the block when it is the last element in a pragraph
  • between two inline aloha-blocks

Bugfix SUP-738

Drag & Drop behaviour of blocks has been improved:

  • It is now possible to drop blocks into empty editables
  • When dragging and dropping a block into another editable, the editable will get activated
  • During dragging, the toolbar will be hidden

Bugfix SUP-836

Table-plugin: When selecting text in a table cell using the mouse,
the whole cell will no longer be selected when moving the mouse cursor over areas of the cell,
that do not have contents (e.g. near the cell borders or between paragraphs).
In order to select a single cell, the user needs to hold the SHIFT-key while clicking into the cell.