Changes with Aloha.Editor 1.2.19

Bugfix SUP-982

Some issues with drag & drop of inline blocks have been fixed:

  • When dragging & dropping inline blocks, sometimes a JS error
    (Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on droppable prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘destroy‘)
    occurred, which has been fixed now.
  • When dragging an inline block out of a block-level element (such as a paragraph),
    where the paragraph will be empty afterwards, an ending break will be added to the
    paragraph so that it will not become invisible.
  • The padding added around inline blocks (as landing areas for the cursor) was not cleared correctly when
    dragging and dropping inline blocks. This caused additional non-breakable spaces appearing around inline blocks.
  • When dragging an inline block at the end of a list entry, it was not possible to place the cursor after the inline block.

Bugfix SUP-1028

Format-Plugin: The configuration of the checkHeadingHierarchy option would only be activated
when a boolean “true“ value was set in the settings. This has been fixed: the checkHeadingHierarchy
option can now also be activated by using other truthy values (e.g.: string “true“ or “1”);

Bugfix SUP-1045

Emptylink-Plugin: The emptylink-plugin would highlight all empty links on the whole page.
This has been fixed now only empty links inside of editables will be hightlighted.

Bugfix SUP-1040

When checkHeadingHierarchy was activated in the format-plugin, and the
hierarchy was violated, the corresponding CSS class was sometimes
propagated to the following paragraph. This has been fixed, and the
class is now only applied to headings.

Bugfix SUP-1042

When clicking on a block (in order to select it), sometimes the
selection was moved into the editable, making it impossible to select
the block. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-1042

Several issues of the videoblock plugin have been fixed:

  • During editing, the iframe to embed the video is replaced by an image showing the preview image
  • Internet Explorer will no longer show it‘s own resize handles, when a video block is selected
  • When getting the contents of an editable (in order to save it), all additional markup added to make video blocks editable will cleanly be removed
  • It is now possible to paste more than just a single video URL. All URLs will be transformed to blocks, everything else will be pasted.

Bugfix SUP-1043

Insertion of br Tags was still possible (by pressing Shift-Enter),
if br was forbidden by content rules. This has been fixed now.
When br tags are forbidden, but p Tags are allowed,
pressing Enter or Shift-Enter will insert a paragraph (if possible without violating the HTML specification).
If both p and br are forbidden (or not possible), Enter or Shift-Enter will just be ignored.

Bugfix SUP-1027

A bug with the triggering of the item-change event caused custom sidebar info
fields, which have been specified in the settings for the link plugin, to not
be set when a link is selected and the sidebar opened afterwards. This has
been fixed now by triggering the item-change event also when a null item is
selected (that is the selection is changed from an element that has an
associated repository browser item to an element that does not have an
associated repository browser item).