Changes with Aloha.Editor 1.3.6

Bugfix SUP-1286

When pasting content from Word into Aloha, which contains paragraphs that
are formatted as ListParagraph in Word, but have no bullet, number, letter,
etc. at the beginning, the first of these paragraphs was removed during
the pasting process. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-1215

When using both the table-plugin and the block-plugin, selecting
text in a table cell using the mouse did not work, when the mouse button
was released while hovering of the cell, but not the editable in the cell.
In such cases, the selection was removed, which has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-1363

When creating a new table, the cursor was not updated properly
into the first table cell, so inserting block elements did not
work. This has been fixed.