Changes with Aloha.Editor 0.24.13

Bugfix RT57629

drag-n-drop: Dragging a block element into an non-editable region
resulted in a JavaScript error. This error caused HTML artifacts
to be left in the region. Fixing the JavaScript error corrects
this behavior.


align plugin: Setting alignment to content inside of a table cell
will no longer result in all of the content in the cell being
aligned, but only the content that is selected (up to the nearest
block-level element).

Bugfix RT57725

copy-paste: Copy and paste text content from MS-Word to Aloha content
in IE9 Browser, added line break between paragraphs. When
copying from MS-Word unrendered whitespaces are added between
paragraphs and are rendered as lines break for Aloha Editor.
Removing these unrendered whitespaces solves the line break problem.

Bugfix RT57677

button tooltip: ‘Insert Table‘ button tooltip did not disappear when selecting
the rows and the columns of the table. This has been fixed so the tooltip does