Aloha.Editor Changelog Summary

Aloha.Editor 0.24.39

Bugfix RT58605

It was not possible to delete a br, hr or img tag at the end of an inline element (like an a) by pressing the “delete” button. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix RT58603

When pasting content containing an acronym-tag, those tags were not handled correctly.
This has been fixed now. It is however important to note, that the acronym-tag is not part of the html5 specification anymore and should be avoided in favor of the abbr-tag.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.38

Bugfix RT58532

Contenthandler plugin: Fixed handling of empty block elements
When adding an empty paragraph with IE Version 8 or greater, the empty paragraph was not visible in the content after editing.
This is because empty paragraphs are not rendered in the browser. For editing, a
is added to empty paragraphs to make them editable.
Now, a
is added in the resulting content, so that it matches the expected WYSIWYG behaviour.

Bugfix RT58552

Buttons in the toolbar, that have a dropdown menu would display the arrow (for opening the dropdown) slightly misplaced in firefox.
A css setting of the ui-plugin has been changed to fix this.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.37

Bugfix RT58526

In Internet Explorer 7 (or newer versions of Internet Explorer in IE7 mode), sometimes reading the offsetHeight of a DOM element
would return 0 for the first access. Only when reading the offsetHeight again, the correct value would be returned.
This bugfix adds a workaround method to get the offsetHeight of a DOM element, which reads twice if the first returned value happens to be 0.
This fixes various problems connected with reading the offsetHeight.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.36

Bugfix RT58503

In the repository browser, sorting the listed items was not possible.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.35

Bugfix RT58472

List items would previously be stripped of whitespace between inline elements after pressing enter. This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.34

Bugfix RT50706

(Only for Firefox browsers) When selecting a paragraph with the command ‘shift+keydown‘, the selection
ends in the start of the next paragraph instead of at the end of the selected paragraph. This produces
an unexpected behaviour when formatting the selected text to a heading or a list, because the result
included one extra paragraph. This issue has bee fixed.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.33

Bugfix RT58360

The numerated header plugin would automatically remove text inserted at the beginning of a heading, when it was accidentally inserted into the numeration annotation. The annotation is now read-only.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.32

Bugfix RT58205

When a table was created, empty spaces were inserted in the empty cells so the caret could be placed in.
With these changes we don‘t need these empty space anymore.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.30

Bugfix RT53834

When selecting and coping a text contained inside a block inside an editable element, the selection
was changed to select the whole block. With this fix when an user selects a text inside the block the range
is kept and the whole block select event is stopped.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.29

Bugfix RT58201

When coping and pasting tables which its cells contained paragraphs with BR elements inside, it produced an error in the
pasted cells and were shown as empty. This issue has been solved.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.28

Bugfix RT58117

Change attribute ‘element.children‘ to ‘element.childNodes‘. ‘element.children‘ is not available in IE.

Bugfix RT56793

The Repository-Browser did not close when selecting a page for inserting a link in IE9.
This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.27

Bugfix RT57935

Editable configuration was not applied if a editable was an input or a textarea.

Block plugin had a dependency to Table plugin and this made a javascript exception thrown if the Table plugin was not included. This dependency has been removed.

Bugfix RT58117

Pasting content with links will now cause ‘‘ messages to be published for each.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.26

Bugfix RT57942

The extra/formatlesspaste plugin now can remove tags that don‘t contain text (e.g. img)

Aloha.Editor 0.24.25

Bugfix RT56795

characterpicker-plugin: On screens with lower resolutions the list for picking special characters was cut off at the window borders. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.24

Bugfix RT58062

format-plugin: Formatting content text as source code is now possible with the format plugin. The selected text will be wrapped in a ‘code‘ element tag.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.23

Bugfix RT57987

Performing unformatting on a selection adjacent to a terminal whitespace sometimes caused a
to be erroneously inserted.
This behaviour has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.22

Bugfix RT53267

Right clicking on selected content should not remove the selection in IE

The problem was that ‘beforepaste‘ event was thrown when right clicking. The ‘beforepaste‘ event was
used to copy/paste content for IE. With this fix the ‘beforepaste‘ event is not necessary any more, the
whole copy/paste process is done in the ‘paste‘ event. This solution is only for IE8 and below. For
other IE versions (9 and above) the event ‘beforepaste‘ is still needed.

Bugfix RT57958

align-plugin: Alignment inside table cells is now permitted.

Setting alignment inside a table cell was not permitted unless the cell content was wrapped inside a
block element. With this fix this action is now permitted.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.21

Bugfix RT57862

The sanitize contenthandler configuration is now loaded, even if it is set as a map.

If a configuration in Aloha.settings.contenthandler.sanitize was defined, this was never loaded unless
it was a text (‘restricted‘, ‘basic‘, ‘relaxed‘). If a map of objects was defined, this setting was
never loaded (see
With this fix, the sanitize object is loaded.

Bugfix RT57925

Dragging and dropping a table inside another table is not permitted.

Nested table are forbidden, but dragging and dropping tables inside tables
were permitted. With this fix this behavior is not allowed anymore.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.20

Bugfix RT57823

It is now possible to insert tables into editables that are contained in (not editable) tables themselves.
Nesting editable tables into editable tables still does not work. The table plugin will show the insert button,
but will prevent nesting with a message to the user.

Bugfix RT13396

Blocks that are inserted inside of table cells will appear with a delete
button in the same way as when inserted elsewhere in an editable.

Bugfix RT57629

IE default drag and drop behavior is stopped when dragging and dropping block elements.

In some cases the default IE drag and drop behavior was not stopped for block elements,
which end up with pasted elements that could not be removed. The root of
the problem was a Javascript Error (rangy-core) when dragging the element. This error
was thrown due to a bug in the IE selection. With this fix the IE default drag and drop
behavior is stopped and the Javascript Error is catch so the execution of the program
can continue.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.19

Bugfix RT57827

table-plugin: WAI input stays when you click on it.

WAI input disappeared because of a selection issue with mouse-up event. Mouse-up event was stopped
if a cell is selected. Mouseup event should not be stopped because it is used in the
jquery.aloha.js file (jquery.aloha.js:207) for initializing the selection.

Bugfix RM13413

Sometimes changing the selection (e.g. by clicking into an editable) caused an endless loop in Internet Explorer, which finally caused IE to throw an “Out of stack space” error.
This endless loop is prevented now.

Bugfix RM13435

Fixed a javascript error that occured when inserting a new block in an editable and then moving the cursor with the keyboard up.
Error: “SCRIPT5007: Die Eigenschaft “length“ eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden. ” – aloha.js:22381

Bugfix rm12385

table-plugin: row/column floating menu stays when a row/column is selected.

Selecting a row/column in a table did throw a javascript exception regarding the selection range (rangy-core issue).
This error is caught for IE7 and IE8, but not for document mode 7 or 8. Catching the error in case the
document mode is less or equal to 8 solves the issue.

Bugfix RT57667

Copy paste tables from MS Word to IE does not create several tables.

When copying and pasting tables from Word to IE several tables were created, one table for each row,
instead of one unique table. This was due to 2 problems: the generic content handler was not set and
a bug in the pasting code. Generic content handler sanitizes the copied content. The second problem
is that an element is unwrapped if this is the only element in the paragraph. If the element is a Table
the unwrap should not be done. For Firefox or Chrome this not happens because the paragraph has always
more than one element, it contains empty elements.

Bugfix RT57827

ctrl-c or ctrl-x inside a table copies or cuts the selected text.

When the key commands ctrl-c(copy) or ctrl-x(cut) are pressed the whole table was selected.
This is due to a feature that sets the selection to the whole block when copying or cutting via key commands.
With this fix, the selection of the whole block is only done if the block is not a table.

Bugfix RM13393

table-plugin: setting a row/column as table header does remove the cells selection.

When setting a row/column as table header the cell selection was not removed. Setting a row/column as
table header removes the selected row/column and replaces it by a new one. The
problem was that the ‘unselect‘ function was called for the removed row/column instead of
for the newly inserted row/column. Updating the selection to the new row/column fixes the issue.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.18

Bugfix RT57797

align-plugin: align only applies to the selected paragraphs.
When selecting several paragraphs and these paragraphs are wrapped in a block element which is not the editing host,
the align style was set into the block element instead of into the paragraphs. With these changes the align style is
only applied to the selected paragraphs.

Bugfix RT57824

When pasting nested ordered lists from Word, some lists where incorrectly recognized as unordered lists.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.17


The link plugin will now publish the event ‘‘ with PubSub when a link is removed.

Bugfix RT57814

format plugin: added missing smartcontentchange event after removing a formatting, which would eg. have the autoparagraph plugin not handling the resulting html code correctly. Now every click on the remove format button will produce a smartcontentchange event.


Panels added to the sidebar when activating blocks were
never removed from the sidebar, but were added again every time the
block was activated. This has been fixed now, panels will now be removed
before adding the panels of activated blocks.

Bugfix RT52589

highlighteditables plugin: When using nested editables, isModfied() would
sometimes detect a change although the content is untouched. This was due to
highlighteditables plugin, which previously didn‘t register the
aloha-editable-highlight css class as ephemeral.


The repository manager will now call markObject() on the repository only if a new object was selected from the repository.
If the already selected object is selected again, markObject() will not be called.

Bugfix RT57811

‘span‘ elements surrounding inline blocks set as ephemeral.
To be able to set the caret after inline blocks, empty ‘span‘ elements are added at the
beginning and the end of all inline blocks. When saving the page, these elements were saved too.
With this fix these ‘span‘ are ephemeral and are deleted once the page is saved.
These ‘span‘ elements are removed if the inline blocks are removed.

Bugfix RT57791

Text-color: a new span is created when setting color inside an editable span.
When formatting style inside an editable span, the style should not be include in the span style but in a new span.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.16


formatlesspaste plugin: The strippedElements config parameter was previously ignored and is now respected again.
If no configuration is specified for it, a default list of text level semantic elements is used.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.15

Bugfix RT57706

core: (Internet Explorer) When using the cursor keys to move the
cursor up and down across blocks (non editable areas) it was possible
to actually place the cursor inside the block. The cursor would be
trapped in this state and using the cursor up/down keys would scroll
the page up and down (with some strange rendering of the cursor).
This has been fixed now to prevent entering non editable areas with
the cursor.

Bugfix RT57711

link plugin: When typing the URL for a link and then pressing Enter,
it creates the link but you must click tow times to open the link
properties. The fix allows the user to click just once.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.14

Bugfix RT57686

table-plugin: (Firefox) Pressing tab in the last cell of last
row creates a row, but the cursor was placed outside the
table. With this fix the cursor is placed in the first cell of
the created row.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.13


align plugin: Setting alignment to content inside of a table cell
will no longer result in all of the content in the cell being
aligned, but only the content that is selected (up to the nearest
block-level element).

Bugfix RT57629

drag-n-drop: Dragging a block element into an non-editable region
resulted in a JavaScript error. This error caused HTML artifacts
to be left in the region. Fixing the JavaScript error corrects
this behavior.

Bugfix RT57725

copy-paste: Copy and paste text content from MS-Word to Aloha content
in IE9 Browser, added line break between paragraphs. When
copying from MS-Word unrendered whitespaces are added between
paragraphs and are rendered as lines break for Aloha Editor.
Removing these unrendered whitespaces solves the line break problem.

Bugfix RT57677

button tooltip: ‘Insert Table‘ button tooltip did not disappear when selecting
the rows and the columns of the table. This has been fixed so the tooltip does

Aloha.Editor 0.24.12

Bugfix RT57660

core: Performances fixes introduced a regression which resulted
in pressing ENTER to break paragraphs incorrectly. This has been
fix so that pressing enter in an empty editable will result in a
new paragraph being inserted after rather than before.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.11


textcolor-plugin: The Textcolor plugin has had a complete overhaul to improve usability, and to fix bugs when changing color around complex markup.

Bugfix RT57224

- BUGFIX: core: An IE bug that caused editables to not be activated correctly upon the first mouseclick was resolved.
Previously the cursor position inside the editable was not set. The user had to click twice to place the cursor correctly. RT#

Aloha.Editor 0.24.10


table-plugin: Table selection for rows or columns in IE8 did not
show Table Row/Column panel options. This error is

Aloha.Editor 0.24.9


image-plugin: The image plugin icons were fixed for IE7+

Bugfix RT57076

abbr-plugin: A missing i18n translation was added to the remove abbreviation button.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.8

Bugfix RT56973

blocks: The dragging and dropping of Aloha Blocks has been fixed to no longer use jQueryUi‘s sortable(). Aloha Editor‘s own functionality is to be used instead. This allows implementers to use sortable() to enable drag and drop for blocks which are inside of blocks that have been made draggable by Aloha Editor.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.7

Bugfix RT57176

Table Plugin: Clicking text inside a table cell doesn‘t make the whole cell content to be selected (only IE)

Aloha.Editor 0.24.6

Bugfix RT55437

Change table cell size by drag & drop. The line which is shown when you drag & drop the size of cell, is not showed for the last row or last column.

Bugfix RT57078

Tooltip covers color palette The colors tooltip does not disappear when the color palette is shown.

Bugfix RT56692

Formatless Copy/Paste not working. When paste action was made the formatlesshandler was never called. We manually call this handler before pasting the content into the DOM element.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.5

Bugfix RT56649

WAI input text is mistaken by the Caption Table. Putting the image of WAI inside the input text we make clear that this input text is for WAI text and not for Table Caption.

Bugfix RT55298

Creation of several links or abbreviation is not fill with the same value. When create several links in different paragraphs or item list the value is not set the same for all the links but only for the first
in the range selection. Changes were made so several links or abbreviation in the same selection have the same value.

Bugfix RT56649

Table caption is removed every time is deactivated. Table caption is now hidden or shown but not removed, so the original text remains.


Inputs containing image height/width don‘t display when image is loaded (ie9)
When selecting an image the width and height inputs were not displayed.
The problem was that when assigning the value to the input, the jQuery.val function was not
working, because the element wasn‘t associated to the DOM yet.


Outline on icons is too big resulting in too little visual difference between enabled or disabled state.
The outline when the icon is focused is too big and the user can‘t distinguish when a button
icon is enabled or disabled. By adding box-shadow (same behavior for different browsers)
the problem was solved.

Bugfix RT56619

core: Some performance improvements were made, so the Aloha-editor smartContenthandler is faster in large contents. Improvements of loop-for, jQuery selector and Dom iteration.


rangy: Change rangy-core configuration property “preferTextRange” to false in order to allow for more performant ways to work with ranges in IE. Accommodations were taken to ensure that IE 9 would not crash with this flag.


commands: Further cleanup will no longer be done after inserting paragraphs since this extra processing was not necessary and very expensive on large content.

Bugfix RT55759

tables: Remove “width” attribute from copied tables.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.4


block plugin: Fix the error “Member not found” occurring when initializing a block with links in it. This error occurs on IE 10 compatibility mode with document mode 7.

Bugfix RT56692

paste plugin: Pasting will no longer always break the line. A wrapping element will no longer be created to contain the copy content.

Bugfix RT56670

header ids plugin: A header ID will now automatically be added as soon as the heading is created if the header id plugins is activated.

Bugfix RT56088

table plugin: The “scope“ attribute in TH elements will now be correctly set to “col“ instead of “column“. This attribute only accepts “col“ or “row” as values.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.3


tables: When selection is placed into table, all other tables will now have their visual selection removed.


tables: The Row and Column floating toolbar tabs will now be shown at the first click of a row or column.


tables: Selecting inside of tables will no longer results in sometimes having the selection deselected on mouseup in IE.


blocks: Blocks will immediately be given padding landing areas (if needed) as soon as they are inserted into active editables.


tables: It is now possible to click once and start editing table summaries.


tables: It is now possible to delete entire rows or columns using the delete key.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.2


Fix display of values after image-reset and improve the size-check of image-resizing


image plugin: Various fixes and improvements for resizing, cropping and resetting images have been added, to improve the cohesion between displayed values and actual sizes.


blockmanager: Fixed scripts in a block being executed, when getting its configuration.


editables: Initializing empty editables in Firefox will no longer result in them aquiring an extra
. This was previously done to work around a Firefox bug that seems not no longer be an issue.


tables: Tables with col- and rowspans will now be correctly initialialized in IE9.


tables: The cell merge and cell split buttons are now correctly disable when not applicable in IE7 and IE8.


tables: Table functionality will no longer stop working when a table is moved from one editable into another.


tables: It is now possible to resize table headers (TH cells).


tables: Enable blocks that are inserted inside of tables to be draggable.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.1


blockmanager: Fixed scripts in a block being executed, when getting its configuration.


editables: Initializing empty editables in Firefox will no longer result in them aquiring an extra
. This was previously done to work around a Firefox bug that seems not no longer be an issue.

Aloha.Editor 0.24.0


New drag behavior for block elements that permits drop the BlockElement virtually in any element and any level of the structure, providing a highlight element to know which element is selected to be the new container, or if the element is not suitable to be a container the highlighter element show the edges of the selected element to show that the block will be added before or after this one.