Changes with Aloha.Editor 0.24.17


The link plugin will now publish the event ‘‘ with PubSub when a link is removed.

Bugfix RT57814

format plugin: added missing smartcontentchange event after removing a formatting, which would eg. have the autoparagraph plugin not handling the resulting html code correctly. Now every click on the remove format button will produce a smartcontentchange event.


Panels added to the sidebar when activating blocks were
never removed from the sidebar, but were added again every time the
block was activated. This has been fixed now, panels will now be removed
before adding the panels of activated blocks.

Bugfix RT52589

highlighteditables plugin: When using nested editables, isModfied() would
sometimes detect a change although the content is untouched. This was due to
highlighteditables plugin, which previously didn‘t register the
aloha-editable-highlight css class as ephemeral.


The repository manager will now call markObject() on the repository only if a new object was selected from the repository.
If the already selected object is selected again, markObject() will not be called.

Bugfix RT57811

‘span‘ elements surrounding inline blocks set as ephemeral.
To be able to set the caret after inline blocks, empty ‘span‘ elements are added at the
beginning and the end of all inline blocks. When saving the page, these elements were saved too.
With this fix these ‘span‘ are ephemeral and are deleted once the page is saved.
These ‘span‘ elements are removed if the inline blocks are removed.

Bugfix RT57791

Text-color: a new span is created when setting color inside an editable span.
When formatting style inside an editable span, the style should not be include in the span style but in a new span.