Changes with Aloha.Editor 0.24.19

Bugfix RT57827

table-plugin: WAI input stays when you click on it.

WAI input disappeared because of a selection issue with mouse-up event. Mouse-up event was stopped
if a cell is selected. Mouseup event should not be stopped because it is used in the
jquery.aloha.js file (jquery.aloha.js:207) for initializing the selection.

Bugfix RM13413

Sometimes changing the selection (e.g. by clicking into an editable) caused an endless loop in Internet Explorer, which finally caused IE to throw an “Out of stack space” error.
This endless loop is prevented now.

Bugfix RM13435

Fixed a javascript error that occured when inserting a new block in an editable and then moving the cursor with the keyboard up.
Error: “SCRIPT5007: Die Eigenschaft “length“ eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden. ” – aloha.js:22381

Bugfix rm12385

table-plugin: row/column floating menu stays when a row/column is selected.

Selecting a row/column in a table did throw a javascript exception regarding the selection range (rangy-core issue).
This error is caught for IE7 and IE8, but not for document mode 7 or 8. Catching the error in case the
document mode is less or equal to 8 solves the issue.

Bugfix RT57667

Copy paste tables from MS Word to IE does not create several tables.

When copying and pasting tables from Word to IE several tables were created, one table for each row,
instead of one unique table. This was due to 2 problems: the generic content handler was not set and
a bug in the pasting code. Generic content handler sanitizes the copied content. The second problem
is that an element is unwrapped if this is the only element in the paragraph. If the element is a Table
the unwrap should not be done. For Firefox or Chrome this not happens because the paragraph has always
more than one element, it contains empty elements.

Bugfix RT57827

ctrl-c or ctrl-x inside a table copies or cuts the selected text.

When the key commands ctrl-c(copy) or ctrl-x(cut) are pressed the whole table was selected.
This is due to a feature that sets the selection to the whole block when copying or cutting via key commands.
With this fix, the selection of the whole block is only done if the block is not a table.

Bugfix RM13393

table-plugin: setting a row/column as table header does remove the cells selection.

When setting a row/column as table header the cell selection was not removed. Setting a row/column as
table header removes the selected row/column and replaces it by a new one. The
problem was that the ‘unselect‘ function was called for the removed row/column instead of
for the newly inserted row/column. Updating the selection to the new row/column fixes the issue.