Aloha.Editor Changelog Summary

Aloha.Editor 0.26.6

Bugfix RT50706

(Only for Firefox browsers) When selecting a paragraph with the command ‘shift+keydown‘, the selection
ends in the start of the next paragraph instead of at the end of the selected paragraph. This produces
an unexpected behaviour when formatting the selected text to a heading or a list, because the result
included one extra paragraph. This issue has bee fixed.

Aloha.Editor 0.26.5

Bugfix RT58360

The numerated header plugin would automatically remove text inserted at the beginning of a heading, when it was accidentally inserted into the numeration annotation. The annotation is now read-only.

Aloha.Editor 0.26.4

Bugfix RT58344

The image plugin would not accept disabling the “insert image” button by configuration. This has been fixed. Also, a small bug that prevented internal configuration cleanup when destroying an editable was fixed.

Bugfix RT58287

Button sets in a ribbon toolbar where falsely displayed. The list plugin forced a maximum width of 60px for all button sets. This has been repaired.
Now only the button set in the aloha toolbar have a width of 60px.

Aloha.Editor 0.26.3

Bugfix RT58205

When a table was created, empty spaces were inserted in the empty cells so the caret could be placed in.
With these changes we don‘t need these empty space anymore.

Aloha.Editor 0.26.2

Bugfix RT58201

When coping and pasting tables which its cells contained paragraphs with BR elements inside, it produced an error in the
pasted cells and were shown as empty. This issue has been solved.

Bugfix RT53834

When selecting and coping a text contained inside a block inside an editable element, the selection
was changed to select the whole block. With this fix when an user selects a text inside the block the range
is kept and the whole block select event is stopped.

Aloha.Editor 0.26.1

Bugfix RT56793

The Repository-Browser did not close when selecting a page for inserting a link in IE9.
This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 0.26.0

Feature RM12613

Introducing Content Rules feature:

This module facilitates global HTML content restriction across Aloha Editor. It is designed as a single point of configuration that will provide a contract to uniformly effect editing interactions and the user interface in cohesive way.

See Aloha Editor guides for further details.

Feature KB1479

empty-paragraph: highlights and removes empty paragraph and consecutive br‘s.
See Aloha Editor guides for further details.

Feature KB1480

emptylink-plugin: new plugin that highlight empty links.
See Aloha Editor guides for further details.


format-plugin: Check the hierarchy of headings

It is now possible to check the hierarchy of all headings in an editable. If the hierarchy is violated, a class “aloha-heading-hierarchy-violated” is added to the heading.
It is also checked if the hierarchy of a heading is lower than the highest allowed hierarchy in the configuration.
See Aloha Editor guides for further details.


formatlesspaste-plugin: Improved tooltips for the toggle button.


ephemera-plugin: SVG elements no longer cause the ephemera plugin to sometimes throw errors when attempting to operate on the element‘s className property.

Bugfix RT57971

repository-browser: The included Repository Browser was updated to a more recent version.

Bugfix RT58117

Change attribute ‘element.children‘ to ‘element.childNodes‘. ‘element.children‘ is not available in IE.