Aloha.Editor Changelog Summary

Aloha.Editor 1.0.21

Bugfix SUP-1006

When using an inline element (such as an anchor) as editable,
selecting and deleting the whole contents would also remove the editable from the DOM.
This has been fixed, so that the editable itself will never be removed.

Bugfix SUP-979

The file dom-to-xhtml.js has been moved from the plugin dom-to-xhtml to
‘util/dom-to-xhtml‘ to make it available to other plugins.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.20

Bugfix SUP-142

When transforming empty block-level elements (e.g. change a paragraph to a pre-element),
the block-level element did not always contain an ending break to make it visible.
This has been fixed.
Also the handling of placeholder paragraphs (landing zones before or after the first/last element
in an editable) has been fixed. If placeholder paragraphs are filled, the classes marking them
as placeholders are removed.

Bugfix SUP-989

Fixed scrolling if editable itself has a vertical scrollbar and
content is added in a way that the selection would be outside of the
visible area.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.19

Bugfix SUP-874

When using the format plugin to change block-elements (e.g. change a paragraph to a header)
in Internet Explorer while the scrollbar is visible, the page was sometimes unintentionally
scrolled. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-943

The detection of lists pasted from word has been improved:
Sometimes some regular (styled) content at the start of a list item
was mistaken as “bullet” and was removed.

Bugfix SUP-580

When opening a page to edit and first clicking on a link in an editable,
the “Link“ tab in the toolbar will not be activated.
This has been fixed now, clicking on a link in an editable will always
activate the “Link” tab in the toolbar.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.18

Bugfix SUP-869

Table-plugin: Insertion of a new table will trigger a smart-content-changed event.

Bugfix SUP-869

Block-plugin: When dropping an inline block into another editable,
the target editable will be activated.

Bugfix SUP-878

Block-plugin: When dragging inline-blocks over block-level elements (like paragraphs) containing
only a number of whitespace characters, the whole editable will now be accepted as dropzone.
When the inline-block is dropped into the block-level element (paragraph) containing only
whitespace characters, the block will be dropped before the whitespace characters.

Bugfix SUP-834

When multiple rows or columns where selected in a table, the “row“ or “column” tab was not
always shown in the floating menu. This has been fixed: the appropriate tabs are now
always shown when a whole row or column is selected. Either through column or row selection
or through selection of multiple cells.

Bugfix SUP-875

Some issues with pressing “delete” when the cursor was placed between two tables:
In some cases, the drag-handles of a table was removed, in other cases, both tables were removed.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.17

Bugfix SUP-841

Fix multiple issues with placement of the caret before and after inline aloha-blocks. It was not possible to place the caret:

  • next to an inline block (before or after) when the inline block was alone in a line (no paragraph)
  • after the block when it is the last element in a pragraph
  • between two inline aloha-blocks

Bugfix SUP-738

Drag & Drop behaviour of blocks has been improved:

  • It is now possible to drop blocks into empty editables
  • When dragging and dropping a block into another editable, the editable will get activated
  • During dragging, the toolbar will be hidden

Bugfix SUP-836

Table-plugin: When selecting text in a table cell using the mouse,
the whole cell will no longer be selected when moving the mouse cursor over areas of the cell,
that do not have contents (e.g. near the cell borders or between paragraphs).
In order to select a single cell, the user needs to hold the SHIFT-key while clicking into the cell.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.16

Bugfix SUP-845

The Word content handler now replaces unnecessary new line characters
added by Word with spaces. This fixes bug SUP-845, in which spaces got
lost, because new line characters are automatically stripped when using
the Text/HTML GCN tag part type.

Bugfix SUP-827

When a URL was pasted into the input field of the toolbar
using the context menu, the URL was not stored into the link, unless
a key was also pressed.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.15

Enhancement SUP-744

Make the shrinktofit option for the jqGrid (the object list) in the repository browser configurable. This option can be used to make the repository browsers width bigger on smaller screens while keeping the benefits of the dynamic resizing of the column widths.

Bugfix SUP-158

If content in an editable changes in a way that moves the
current selection out of the viewport, the window will now
be scrolled to put the selection into the viewport again.
This may happen e.g. when pressing enter at the end of an
editable or pasting large contents.

Bugfix SUP-158

The behaviour of rendering empty block-level elements in
Internet Explorer 11 has changed to be more consistent with
the HTML specification and other browsers. Empty block-level
elements in Internet Explorer 11 will now contain end breaks.
This fixes the sudden disappearance of paragraphs when editing in IE 11.

Bugfix SUP-740

When having the cursor on a link (in an editable that allows links) and
then clicking into an editable, that does not allow links, the “Insert Link“
button was shown in the “Insert” tab of the toolbar. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-143

Pasting lists from Word has been improved to determine the correct list
type in more cases.

Bugfix SUP-749

It was not possible to drag and drop inline blocks (spans)
between words of editables. Instead inline blocks could be dropped
between block-level elements (like paragraphs).
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-763

Highlighting of the dropzones when dragging blocks has been improved.
When dragging a block-level element between other block-level elements,
the dropzone will now be highlighted between the elements, not at the
end or start of one of them.

Bugfix SUP-763

Moving the cursor between blocks using the LEFT or RIGHT key
did not work reliably when using Internet Explorer and has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.14

Bugfix SUP-675

Improve text of tooltips for the buttons which increase/decrease indentation
in lists. Escpecially the German tooltips where unclear in regard to the
expected action of the buttons.

Bugfix SUP-503

Selecting cells in tables has been improved:
When dragging the mouse over table cells, it is no
longer necessary to drag over the editable element in the cell.
Also selecting a cell range by clicking with the mouse (while holding
the SHIFT-key) has been improved when using Internet Explorer.

Bugfix SUP-645

After forward-deleting the last letter of a link, the cursor disappeared from the editable.
This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.13

Bugfix SUP-619

When using internet explorer, it sometimes was possible to drag a block
into another block (instead of right after it). This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-619

When using Internet Explorer, it was possible to navigate the cursor
into non-editable areas (blocks), because the contenteditable implementation
of IE is broken. This fix will move the cursor out of the non-editable area in
such cases. Additionally, it prevents inserting text into non-editable areas with
the keyboard, in cases where moving the cursor out did not work for some reasons.

Bugfix SUP-622

Errors in table-plugin:

  • When pressing delete in a paragraph right before a link with a table after the paragraph, the cursor will jump into the first table cell.
  • When pressing delete in a link in the last position before a table, the cursor will not jump into the first table cell but the table gets deleted.
    Both errors have been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.12

Bugfix SUP-58

Possible errors when deleting elements with old Internet Explorer versions have been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-574

Fixed floating of toolbar next to a surface with direction set to rtl:
Horizontal scrolling is now considered correctly and the toolbar is prevented
from floating out of the visible area.

Bugfix SUP-573

When using ENTER to submit a search in the repository browser, the ENTER
possible bubbled to the page and caused something to happen there as well.
Bubbling of the ENTER from the search field is now prevented.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.11

Bugfix SUP-493

Content Rules now skip .aloha-blocks inside an editable. So markup inside blocks is not changed by Content Rules.
See the Content Rules feature for further details.

Bugfix SUP-353

The per-editable configuration of stripped elements for the formatlesspaste plugin did not work.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-521

list plugin: When editing a list, the corresponding list menu button was not selected.
This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-387

The methods Dom.getFirstVisibleChild and Dom.getLastVisibleChild have a new optional parameter
for elements where to stop searching.

Bugfix SUP-526

The event handler for “selection changed” in the format plugin sometimes
cause a javascript error in internet explorer, which stopped processing of further event handlers.
This happened for instance, when choosing a link target in the repository browser. As a consequence
of the javascript error, the repository browser was not closed.

Bugfix SUP-501

When using the block plugin and the table plugin, sometimes when selecting something
in a table cell and pressing either “delete“ or “backspace”, the whole table was deleted.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-536

If a dialog window appears when editing a right-to-left-page, the dialog window was shown incorrectly.
This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-502

When a selection is started inside of an editable, which is nested in a block
and finished outside of the editable, but still inside the block, the toolbar
was not shown. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-517

The toolbar sometimes showed empty tabs, which has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.10

Bugfix SUP-64

It was not possible to delete a single paragraph right before a non-editable block or after a non-editable block.
This has been fixed now. The “delete” action with the cursor placed in an empty block level element will now
delete that element, as if the whole element had been selected.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.9

Bugfix SUP-66

When editing pages having the style “direction“ set to “rtl“, the aloha editor controls like
the toolbar, sidebar and repository browser were also affected, so its layout and some functionality were broken.
This has been changed, so that all aloha editor controls will have “direction“ set to “ltr” regardless of the
page setting.

Bugfix AW-945

The Internet Explorer feature “autoURL detection” is now deactivated to ensure consistent cross browser behavior.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.8

Bugfix SUP-142

Improved editing preformatted text.

Bugfix SUP-223

When deleting text, inline text elements like links or bold elements (or any other inline elements) were not deleted in most cases. This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.7

Bugfix SUP-197

When moving the cursor between two blocks a <div> was inserted to make the space visible for editing. This <div> was not cleaned up after editing. Now the <div> will be safely removed, keeping its content.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.6

Bugfix RT58737

Defining a whitelist for content elements in the aloha settings was not working. This has been fixed.
See the Content Rules feature for further details.

Bugfix RT58603

Wai-lang plugin: when adding a language annotation, the change is not saved correctly in IE9. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-75

Word contenthandler: When doing copy and paste from word some input was wrongly matched as list input. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.5

Bugfix RT58605

It was not possible to delete a br, hr or img tag at the end of an inline element (like an a) by pressing the “delete” button. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix RT58603

When pasting content containing an acronym-tag, those tags were not handled correctly.
This has been fixed now. It is however important to note, that the acronym-tag is not part of the html5 specification anymore and should be avoided in favor of the abbr-tag.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.4

Bugfix RT58552

Setting the list style with a selection that contains also nested lists only changed the style for the outermost list. This has been fixed now.
The list style will be set for all lists that are contained in the selection.

Bugfix RT58552

Nesting definition lists into normal (numbered or bulleted) lists and then removing or transforming the nested definition list
could possibly break the DOM structure by leaving li, dt or dd elements without the proper parent.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix RT58532

Contenthandler plugin: Fixed handling of empty block elements
When adding an empty paragraph with IE Version 8 or greater, the empty paragraph was not visible in the content after editing.
This is because empty paragraphs are not rendered in the browser. For editing, a
is added to empty paragraphs to make them editable.
Now, a
is added in the resulting content, so that it matches the expected WYSIWYG behaviour.

Bugfix RT58552

Buttons in the toolbar, that have a dropdown menu would display the arrow (for opening the dropdown) slightly misplaced in firefox.
A css setting of the ui-plugin has been changed to fix this.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.3

Bugfix RT58517

When using the repository browser in IE7 (or in a newer version in IE7 mode), resizing the window or the repository
browser could lead to an endless resize cycle. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix RT58526

In Internet Explorer 7 (or newer versions of Internet Explorer in IE7 mode), sometimes reading the offsetHeight of a DOM element
would return 0 for the first access. Only when reading the offsetHeight again, the correct value would be returned.
This bugfix adds a workaround method to get the offsetHeight of a DOM element, which reads twice if the first returned value happens to be 0.
This fixes various problems connected with reading the offsetHeight.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.2

Bugfix RT58503

In the repository browser, sorting the listed items was not possible.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.1

Bugfix RT58472

List items would previously be stripped of whitespace between inline elements after pressing enter. This has been fixed now.

Bugfix RT58482

autoparagraph-plugin: The autoparagraph plugin did not work as expected. Paragraphs were only created for new editables (upon “aloha.editable.created“) but not when the content in an editable changed (“aloha-smart-content-changed”).
This has been fixed now. The paragraphs will now also be created (if necessary) when content changes.

Aloha.Editor 1.0.0

The Aloha.Editor version number was finally bumped from version 0.26.6 to 1.0.0.