Changes with Aloha.Editor 1.4.22

Feature SUP-3537

added configurable wrapping div element for tables

Create responsive tables by wrapping table-elements created by Aloha-Editor in a div-element with a configurable class to make them scroll horizontally on small devices.
This follows the example giving by Twitter Bootstrap

Configuration Example

// enable the wrapping div-element and set the class to 'responsive-table'
Aloha.settings.plugins.table.wrapClass = 'responsive-table';

Output Example

<div class="responsive-table">

Bugfix SUP-3500

When changing a heading with the format plugin the check, whether the heading hierarchy is violated, did not work for some configurations.
This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-3358

When an editable contained a block with an iframe,
some editing actions (like transforming a paragraph to a header)
could fail with a security error (logged in the console).
This has been fixed now.