Aloha.Editor Changelog Summary

Aloha.Editor 1.4.61

Bugfix SUP-14863

Fix jumping caret: When inserting text into an empty table cell the caret was jumping unexpectedly in the Chrome browser.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.60

Enhancement SUP-14030

When a selection intersects with an block/editable, and a deletion (keypress, paste, cut) would occur, each block/editable emits a cancelable event.
If one of these events is canceled, the event causing the deletion is canceled.

Bugfix SUP-10337

When nesting editables into blocks, which were nested into other blocks, in some situations, pressing the “delete“ or “forwarddelete” key
would call the confirmedDestroy() method of the inner block (which would show a dialog to ask, whether the block should be deleted),
although the shouldDestroy() method of the block returned false (effectively preventing the block from being deleted).
This has been fixed now, so that confirmedDestroy() is only called, when the block actually can be deleted (shouldDestroy() returns true).

Aloha.Editor 1.4.59

Bugfix SUP-13545

The aloha sidebar icon was hidden in pages using right-to-left languages. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.58

Enhancement SUP-6751

The generic content handler now allows configuration to transform elements with specific attributes into other elements. This is used to counter an issue introduced in Chrome 75.

Chrome will try to maintain styling on the copied range.
Depending on the styling of the copied element this may lead to <b> elements turning into <span style="font-size: 700">
As of now Chrome is unable to copy <sub> and <sup> elements in contenteditable. This leads to <sub> and <sup> elements turning into spans.

You can find an example configuration in the documenation.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.57

Bugfix SUP-8591

A Reflected XSS vulnerability is fixed now. When using the proxy plugin users could enter malicious code in the url, which would be printed in the document.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.56

Bugfix SUP-5573

Block plugin, Table plugin: Under special circumstances, when deleting a table by selecting over it, and pressing “delete“ or “backspace”
blocks and tables after the selection would also be deleted.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6196

Block plugin: When clicking into an already active editable inside a block, the block was activated again and the scope was changed
to “block“ and then to “text“ again, which caused the toolbar to switch to the default tab for “text“ (which normally is “Format”),
even if another tab was active before.
This has been changed now, if the block is already active, it will not be activated again, and the scope will not be changed, so that
the currently active tab will not change.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.55

Bugfix SUP-5730

Hints plugin: Changed the default position settings of the hints overlay so it does not hide the text when typing.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.54

Bugfix SUP-8047

Format Plugin: The action “Remove formatting“ would remove the editable wrapper in a table cell, when “div“ was added to the “removeFormats” settings.
This has been fixed, remove formatting will stop at the nearest editable host object now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.53

Bugfix SUP-7720

Format Plugin: The action “Remove formatting” did not work on collapsed selections and has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.52

Bugfix SUP-7118

When a tag with an inline editable was reloaded and its configuration in alohaeditor config used a nested selector that includes a parent element, the tagtype whitelist did not apply anymore and the floating menu allowed all tags to be inserted.

This bugfix gets the editable object again from DOM if it is not part of it anymore. This way nested selectors that include parent elements are working even after tag reload.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.51

Bugfix sup-7293

Contenthandler Plugin: After sanitizing the content could contain useless link tags without any attributes. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.50

Aloha.Editor 1.4.49

Bugfix SUP-6294

When copying lists which are styled with custom classes (via the list plugin), the custom classes where not preserved on paste. To fix this
issue the generic content handler was rewritten: plugins can now register a PluginContentHandler and are able to define which parts of a
pasted content should be handled by a PluginContentHandler instead of the GenericContentHandler. For the list plugin a PluginContentHandler
was implemented which preserves the configured classes and also adds the configured default classes.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.48

Bugfix SUP-5397

When pasting content from a word document, that was modified using the word correction mode
the wordcontenthandler pasted the ins and del elements.
This has been fixed now, the wordcontenthandler will remove del elements and unwrap the contents of ins elements.

Bugfix SUP-6269

When copying a headline the format was lost after pasting. This has been fixed. The error still occurs when a single line of headline is copied and pasted in Internet Explorer.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.47

Bugfix SUP-4230

show german labels for formating styles when german is set as the editor language

Bugfix SUP-4810

When using an input field in the toolbar to add some metainformation (e.g. the Author of a citation) with
a selection covering differently formatted sections, pressing ENTER sometimes caused an “Uncaught DOMException” and
failed to collapse the selection at its end.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-6150

When numerated headers and meta view was switched on for an editable, additional (empty) div‘s where
created inside the headers every time the editable was activated.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.46

Bugfix SUP-6082

wordcontenthandler: Removed alignment when pasting aligned text from Word.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.45

Bugfix SUP-5832

When a row of a table was transformed into a header, and afterwards all rows were deleted,
the table itself was not deleted. This has been fixed now.
Also, after the selected rows/columns were deleted, the floating menu still showed table related tabs, which was
incorrect, because the table was not selected any more.

Bugfix SUP-5481

In certain cases whitespace could not be deleted with the delete or backspace keys. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.44

Feature GTXPE-123

Add “responsiveMode” option to the UI plugin. When enabled, the Aloha Editor toolbar will no longer float around but
stay fixed above the active editable or the top of the screen.

Feature GTXPE-123

Added a new UI component, AccordionMenuButton, which can be used as a replacement for the MenuButton when mobile &
touch devices need to be supported.

Enhancement GTXPE-165

The focal point button icon for the image plugin has been updated.

Bugfix SUP-5908

paste-plugin: When a list was pasted from Word, where items started a new list beginning at a level greater than 1, the list item was removed, because Aloha Editor
does not allow lists that start at a nesting level greater than 1.
The behaviour has been changed now, so that such lists will be pasted, so that the first item starts at level 1.

Bugfix SUP-5908

list-plugin: The list plugin allowed to insert paragraphs or headers into list items, which caused unexpected editing behaviour.
This is now changed, so it is no longer possible to insert paragraphs or headers into list items.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.43

Enhancement GTXPE-165

It is now possible to use the Image Plugin to set a single focal point within an image.

Bugfix SUP-5796

When editing with Internet Explorer in a frameset, it sometimes was necessary to click an
editable twice in order to activate it.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.42

Enhancement SUP-5804

block-plugin: Block implementations can now implement the method confirmedDestroy(), which allows to add a confirmation
before a block is deleted via the keyboard.

Bugfix SUP-5798

When the “Remove link” button was clicked while two consecutive links were selected, only the first one was actually removed. This behaviour has been changed, so that all links in the current selection are removed.

Bugfix SUP-5765

When pasting markup containing block level elements (like paragraphs or headers) into
an editable, that does not allow block level elements, AlohaEditor unwrapped the contents,
which resulted in consecutive text blocks (without visible line break).
This has been fixed now, so that after each unwrapped block level element a
tag will be inserted to
retain the line breaks.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.41

Bugfix SUP-5692

Added CSS properties to the UI toolbar to not be selectable anymore in order to fix an issue with selection detection with newer Chrome versions when using Aloha.execCommand.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.40


Toggling the header status of a table cell did not trigger a smart-content-change event. This has been fixed.


Merged table cells could not be split when they where marked as table headers. Also the aloha-smart-content-changed event was not triggered properly when cells where merged or splitted. These issures have been fixed.


The initial snapshot of editables were taken too early (before plugins were initialized),
which sometimes caused the editables to be marked as “modified” right from the start (before any actual changes were done by editors).
This has been fixed now.
Also the format plugin will now trigger aloha-smart-content-changed events when formatting is changed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.38


The “aloha-smart-content-changed“ event of type “block-change“ was not triggered when adding or deleting rows or columns. This has been fixed.

Furthermore the event now provides the “plugin” attribute, which can be used to specifically listen for changes caused by a particular plugin.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.37

Bugfix SUP-5142

wordcontenthandler: Improved pasting of lists from word to work more reliable

Aloha.Editor 1.4.36

Bugfix SUP-5012

Clicking on the drag handle of a table will now properly deactivate the table itself and hide the respective tabs in the toolbar.

Bugfix SUP-5043

format plugin: When changing the formatting on block-level inside a table caption in Internet Explorer the browser scrolled to the beginning of the editable. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.35

Bugfix SUP-5150

format plugin: When selecting a headline text that has a class attribute set, the related button was not selected in the UI. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.34

Bugfix SUP-5109

numerated headers plugin: The header numerations will now be initialized when the editable is created instead of when the editable is activated.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.33

Bugfix sup-4049

Fixed typo in german translations of the format plugin.

Bugfix SUP-4893

word-contenthandler: Improved the pasting of lists from Word.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.32

Enhancement GTXPE-88

Emptylink-Plugin: It is now possible to activate/deactivate highlighting of empty links per editable.

Bugfix SUP-4580

Link-Plugin: When targetregex and target were set, the target was automatically changed
when a link to a repository item was selected, even if the item was not changed.
This has been fixed now, the target must only be automatically changed according to the settings,
when the href (for external links) or the item (when linking to a repository item) is actually changed.

Bugfix SUP-4644

Cite-Plugin: Adding inline quotations around formatted text will no longer create separate quotations around each formatted part,
but will create a single quotation containing all the text.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.31

Enhancement SUP-4600

Block-Plugin: event is triggered when a draggable block is dropped.

Bugfix SUP-3131

paste-plugin: When pasting content from Word to Edge, the paste plugin failed to detect and transform
Word specific formatting due to missing classes. The wordcontenthandler is now modified to always treat content
as if coming from Word when used in Edge.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.30

Bugfix SUP-4340

format-plugin: Checking the heading hierarchy could not be disabled by setting
checkHeadingHierarchy to “false” (as string). This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-4074

table-plugin: When an editable in a block in a table was clicked, the selection was not
correctly set in the clicked editable, if the editable containing the table was selected before.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-4102

paste-plugin: When pasting content from Word with paragraphs that only contained non-breakable spaces,
the non-breakable spaces were unwrapped.
This has been changed now, so that the paragraphs will be pasted together with the non-breakable spaces.

Bugfix SUP-4177

paste-plugin: When pasting content from Word that contained completely empty lists, the lists
were not removed but pasted as incomplete html, which caused unexpected editing behaviour.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.29

Bugfix SUP-4138

word-contenthandler: Fixed an error when pasting a link (a-tag) where the href attribute is missing.

Bugfix SUP-4150

table-plugin: when inserting a new table an additional paragraph was inserted after the table. This won‘t happen anymore.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.28

Bugfix SUP-3998

Feature detection for selection of multiple ranges in rangy-core caused a deprecation warning in Chrome. Since selection
of multiple ranges is only available in FireFox and is not supported in Aloha-Editor, detecting this feature has been
removed altogether.

Bugfix SUP-4001

In Firefox clicking into a table cell sometimes threw an error because a property on the non-standard window.event
object was accessed. This has been fixed. The Aloha-Editor table plugin will now always use the event object passed to
the event handler by the browser.

Bugfix SUP-3958

In some situations, when switching between editables, an empty toolbar was shown
instead of hiding it.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.27

Bugfix SUP-3919

word-contenthandler: When pasting a link (a-tag) from Word that contains a file:// href, it will be removed now. The link content will be preserved.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.26

Bugfix SUP-3794

When an anchor is added to a link, while the href is ‘http://‘ or ‘https://‘, the
href will be cleared.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.25

Bugfix SUP-3617

When the link-plugin was configured with a targetregex and target, the target was automatically set when a link was clicked, but not actually changed.
This has been fixed now, the target will only be set automatically according to the setting when a link href is actually changed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.24

Bugfix SUP-3650

Editing anchors of links in a separate field, adding an anchor by typing ‘#‘ in the link field did not always work.
Also when pressing ‘ENTER‘ in the link field, an already added anchor was sometimes removed.
Both issues have been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.23

Bugfix SUP-3576

When an editable is deactivated, because another editable is activated, the event aloha-editable-deactivated
will contain the new editable as event parameter newEditable.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.22

Feature SUP-3537

added configurable wrapping div element for tables

Create responsive tables by wrapping table-elements created by Aloha-Editor in a div-element with a configurable class to make them scroll horizontally on small devices.
This follows the example giving by Twitter Bootstrap

Configuration Example

// enable the wrapping div-element and set the class to 'responsive-table'
Aloha.settings.plugins.table.wrapClass = 'responsive-table';

Output Example

<div class="responsive-table">

Bugfix SUP-3500

When changing a heading with the format plugin the check, whether the heading hierarchy is violated, did not work for some configurations.
This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-3358

When an editable contained a block with an iframe,
some editing actions (like transforming a paragraph to a header)
could fail with a security error (logged in the console).
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.21

Bugfix SUP-3459

When using Internet Explorer, links in table cells or in editables nested inside blocks where not clickable.
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.20

Bugfix SUP-3448

When the link or wai-lang plugin was loaded, switching between editables by clicking
into them did not always work. In those cases, the focus continuously changed between two
editables while typing.
This issue has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.19

Bugfix SUP-3387

Sometimes, when editables with configured content rules contained blocks, the content rules
were also applied to the block contents.
This has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-3284

The automatic tab selection of the toolbar upon scope change failed to check whether
the tab to be selected contained any visible children. This could cause the toolbar to
appear empty (with none of the visible tabs selected).
This has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.18

Bugfix SUP-3171

list-plugin: When transforming a list to different list type, the available classes of the old list type where not removed. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-3199

Setting a language annotation would remove the focus from the editable and therefore deactivate it. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-3291

Added a section explaining Arenas to the UI documentation.

Bugfix SUP-3171

Sometimes setting a CSS class for a list with the list plugin, a previously selected class would not be removed first. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.17

Bugfix SUP-3314

Fixed clicking into and editing text in an editable not working anymore in Chrome 53 when the repository-browser plugin is loaded, because it set the CSS attribute “-webkit-user-select: all” on the body.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.16

Bugfix SUP-3250

Moving over empty paragraphs with the arrow keys would make the paragraph vanish. This happened only with firefox. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.15

Bugfix SUP-2992

When the checkHeadingHierarchy feature of the format plugin was activated the plugin would try to access a null object when an editable contained blocks. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-3154

The formatless paste contenthandler (used by the formatless paste plugin) and the generic contenthandler
did not clean any content, when an aloha block was found in the pasted contents.
This has been changed, so that the content handlers will clean everything else, but will still leave the
aloha blocks (identified by the class aloha-block) untouched.

Bugfix SUP-3192

The KeyEvent.keyIdentifier field is said to be removed in Chrome. This fix removes it‘s occurrence in AlohaEditor.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.14

Bugfix SUP-2911

When all plugins were disabled for a certain editable, the empty floating toolbar was shown nevertheless. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.13

Bugfix SUP-2813

After adding a paragraph in Chrome the cursor would jump back before the paragraph as soon as you type a character.
This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-2837

Removed a special character from one of the block plugin files, that prevented Aloha Editor from loading in the unminified version.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.12

Bugfix SUP-2291

Aloha.unbind: Using this method with specifying the event name only unbinds all registered functions for this event. Most of the times, this is not the desired goal. Therefore a second parameter has been added that allows you to also specify the bound callback function. In this case only the specified callback function will be removed for this event.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.11

Enhancement SUP-2607

When the table layout options of the table-plugin are used alongside the sanitize content-handler (with it‘s default configuration) the classes on table, tr and td elements are removed by the content-handler. This behaviour is now documented in the guides page of the table-plugin.

Enhancement SUP-2657

Table Plugin: Added the configuration option “defaultClass”. If set, the default class will be set as the className property of the newly created table. See the documentation of the plugin for configuration settings.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.10

Bugfix SUP-2388

When using the highlighteditables plugin on a document with nested editables, the fade-out animation of the editable outlines could cause an editable to appear modified directly after it has been saved. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.9

Bugfix SUP-2623

When the href field for a link contained only the default value "http://", it had to be cleared manually when adding an anchor to avoid invalid URLs. This behavior has been changed so that the href field is automatically cleared, when it contains only "http://" or "https://" and the anchor field is changed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.8

Bugfix SUP-2467

The configuration of dropzones in the block plugin was not taken into account when dragging blocks. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.7

Bugfix SUP-2513

When pressing ENTER in the href field of the link-plugin, the focus was not properly updated in some browsers. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.6

Bugfix SUP-2266

Fixed whitespaces at the start or end of an inline editable not being properly handled when deleting text.

Bugfix SUP-2466

The link-plugin did not treat found link markup as a jQuery object resulting
in errors like “X.attr() is not a function” and undefined references. This
has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-2184

When Drag & Drop was disabled, blocks with duplicate IDs inside nested editables
would sometimes get the class ui-state-disabled preventing any interaction
with them.

Note that blocks with duplicate IDs are not supported in Aloha-Editor since this
implies invalid HTML markup. This fix is just intended to prevent certain subsequent
errors when duplicate blocks are already present.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.5

Bugfix SUP-2201

The sidebar panels of the link-plugin and the ones of the
editing API
have been adapted so that they have a common appearance.

Bugfix SUP-2365

When clicking outside of an editable, and clicking inside on the same element again, the ‘aloha.selection.context-change‘ was not triggered, which for example also prevented the link UI from being activated. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.4

Bugfix SUP-2359

When clicking on a link the event was not published due to
a type error. This bug was introduced in Aloha Editor 1.4.2 and has been fixed now.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.3

Bugfix SUP-1705

Using the remove format action on list items could sometimes create
unexpected markup. This has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-194

A styling that is intended for the style buttons of the list plugin was
also applied to certain other list constucts. The respective CSS selector
has been fixed.

Bugfix SUP-2246

Several plugins used the port-helper-attribute-field with HTML DOM elements instead of
jQuery objects resulting in errors like “X.attr() is not a function”. This has been

Bugfix SUP-2263

Fixed a typo in the german translation of the align plugin.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.2

Bugfix SUP-2209

When clicking in a table, the respective menu would not open in the ribbon. This problem
was introduced in the last hotfix, and has been fixed now.

Bugfix SUP-2214

Native drag and drop handling by the browser causes unwanted style elements to be added around text. Drag and drop of text is now disabled.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.1

Bugfix SUP-2110

When using the targetregex, cssclassregex and titleregex settings of the link plugin,
the corresponding attribute was not removed, when the current href did not match the
pattern. This has been fixed, and the behavior of this settings has been changed so
that the automatically set values will only be set, when the href of the currently
selected link changes, but not if another link is selected, which means that manual
changes to these attributes will be preserved, so long as the link href does not change.

Bugfix SUP-1041

The handling of <br> tags in empty paragraphs was consistent
across browsers. This has been fixed.

Aloha.Editor 1.4.0


Added the possibility to resize table columns and set the width values in percent instead of pixel. This allows for more dynamic layouts.
Adding width values to the table element when resizing the whole table. This is needed to shrink a table.


The link plugin has been extended to handle anchors in URLs. The feature is
disabled by default and has to be activated via the anchorLinks setting
for the link plugin.