Aloha Editor

Aloha Editor Guides

These guides help you to make your content editable and to develop Aloha Editor.

Start Here


Learn how to embed Aloha Editor and make your content editable and how to use and configure Aloha Editor plugins.


Learn how to develop or make a custom build of Aloha Editor.


In this guide, we will explain how dependencies are managed with Aloha Editor.

The Core


Describes how to publish and subscribe to events.


Learn how to use commands.


In this guide, we will explain how repositories work.

Functional Description

Functional description of basic functions of Aloha Editor.


Miscellaneous implementation details.

Content Rules

How to configure what elements are permitted inside editables.


Aloha Editor UI

Learn how the Aloha Editor UI works.


Key combinations available in Aloha Editor


Using the Sidebar in your plugins


Available Plugins

Learn what Aloha Editor plugins are available and how to enable them.

Writing Plugins

In this guide, we will explain the plugin structure, the usage of requireJS and the plugin lifecylce in Aloha Editor.

Contributing to Aloha Editor


Our release process and scripts.

Javascript Style Guide

This guide covers the style of Aloha Editor.

Documentation Guidelines

Writing and generating jsdoc documentation.

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