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These guides help you to make your content editable and to develop Aloha Editor.

Aloha HotKeys

Add and remove HotKey handler for keyboard events supporting almost any key combination.

The syntax is as follows:

    $(document).bind('keydown', 'ctrl+a', fn);

Example configuration for inserting a Link with the HotKey `Ctrl-u` (default: `Ctrl-l`)

Aloha.settings = {
	plugins: {
		link: {
			hotKey: { insertLink: 'ctrl+u' }
  1. Types Supported types are `‘keydown’`, `‘keyup’` and `‘keypress’`
  1. Addendum Firefox is the most liberal one in the manner of letting you capture all short-cuts even those that are built-in in the browser such as `Ctrl-t` for new tab, or `Ctrl-a` for selecting all text. You can always bubble them up to the browser by returning `true` in your handler.

Others, (IE) either let you handle built-in short-cuts, but will add their functionality after your code has executed. Or (Opera/Safari) will not pass those events to the DOM at all.

So, if you bind `Ctrl-Q` or `Alt-F4` and your Safari/Opera window is closed don’t be surprised.

Code from jquery.hotkeys

The HotKey feature is still being developed. Not all shortcuts are available at the moment.

Document action Shortcut
Select all CtrlA
Copy CtrlC
Paste CtrlV
Cut CtrlX
Undo* CtrlZ
Redo* CtrlY
Increase paragraph indentation* Tab
Decrease paragraph indentation* ShiftTab
Text formatting Shortcut
Bold CtrlB
Italicize CtrlI
Underline CtrlU
Superscript Ctrl.
Subscript Ctrl,
Clear formatting Ctrl\
Paragraph formatting Shortcut
Normal paragraph style CtrlAlt0
Header style 1 CtrlAlt1
Header style 2 CtrlAlt2
Header style 3 CtrlAlt3
Header style 4 CtrlAlt4
Header style 5 CtrlAlt5
Header style 6 CtrlAlt6
Preformatted CtrlAltP
Left alignment* CtrlShiftL
Center alignment* CtrlShiftE
Right alignment* CtrlShiftR
Full justify* CtrlShiftJ
Numbered list* CtrlShift7
Bulleted list* CtrlShift8
Actions Shortcut
Insert link CtrlK
Navigation Shortcut
Move to next heading* Ctrl + Alt + N then Ctrl + Alt + H
Move to previous heading* Ctrl + Alt + P then Ctrl + Alt + H
Plugins Shortcut
WAI Lang: Insert Annotation CtrlShiftl
  • not implemented yet Reference: