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Empty Paragraph Plugin

The Empty Paragraph Plugin checks the contents of editables and highlights empty paragraph or consecutive br’s. These elements will be removed when Editable.getContents is called.

As br’s elements cannot be styled are not highlighted, but they will be removed when Editable.getContents function is called.

1 Functional Description

The Plugin relies on the events aloha-editable-created (which is fired when an editable is created) and aloha-smart-content-changed (fired when the content of an editable changes). This will make sure that empty paragraphs are highlighted when starting to edit and whenever content was changed.

The aloha-smart-content-changed is not triggered immediately after content changes, but may take some time.

The plugin will then first check for empty paragraphs and consecutive br’s, highlighting the empty paragraph (br’s are not highlighted). The empty paragraphs are highlighted with a CSS class ‘.aloha-empty-element’. You can overwrite this class in your own CSS file.

2 Configuration settings

The Empty Paragraph plugin provides the following config options:

Aloha.settings.plugins.emptyparagraph = {
	// specific configuration for each editable identified by css selectors
	editables : {
		// All editables
		'*'	        : {},      // default config
		'#teaser'	: {},      // default config
		'#teaser2'  : {
			emptyelements: [], // Don't highlight empty elements
			removebr: "false"  // Don't remove consecutive br's
		'#teaser3'  : {
			emptyelements: ['p', 'h1'] // Highlight 'p' and 'h1' elements