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These guides help you to make your content editable and to develop Aloha Editor.

The Horizontalruler Plugin

With this plugin the editor has the possibility to insert a horizontal ruler <hr>-element.

1 Functional Description

In order to insert a horizontal ruler move the cursor to the desired position and open the “Insert” tab at the Aloha Editor. Now click on the Horizontalruler plugin button and the ruler <hr> will be insert. To delete a horizontal ruler just place the cursor behind the ruler and press backspace.

2 Components

The plugin only offers a single component:

  • hr – a button which will insert a horizontal ruler at the cursor position

3 Plugin Settings

	Aloha.settings.plugins.horizontalruler: {
		config: [ 'hr '], // enable the plugin
		editables: {
			'#my-editable': [] // disable the plugin for the editable with ID my-editable