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Link Plugin

The Link Plugin allows you to add hyperlinks to your document, either by specifying them manually or by selecting from repositories using autocompletion.

1 Functional Description

To create a new link, click on the link button. If a text is already entered you have to mark the desired word(s) and click on the link button. Now you can enter a URL of another website, or enter a name of an existing page in your repository. On the Aloha Editor Sidebar you can enter a name for the link and decide in which target the link should be opened. In order to delete a link just click at the linked text and deactivat the link button from the “Format” tab or click on the remove link button on the “Link” tab.

2 Components

  • formatLink – will format a given selection as a link by wrapping it in an <a> tag. If the selection is collapsed createLink will be executed
  • createLink – will insert a new link tag with an empty href into the dom at the current cursor position
  • editLink – allows you to edit an existing link
  • unlink – removes an existing link by unwrapping

3 Events

When a link is removed, the link plugin will publish the event ‘’ with PubSub:

define(['PubSub'], function (PubSub) {
    PubSub.sub('', function (eventArgument) {
    	// eventArgument.range defines the selection when the link was removed
    	// eventArgument.text contains the link text

4 Configuration = {

	// all elements with no specific configuration may insert links
	config: ["a"],

	editables: {
		// No links in the title.
		"#top-text": []

	// Test if the link's href value denotes an external link.
	// eg: "" or "//"
	titleregex: "^([^:]+:)?\/\/",

	// The value to set the link's title attribute field to if the link's href
	// value matchs `titleregex`.
	title: "External link",

	// all links that match the targetregex will get set the target
	// e.g. ^(?!.** matches all href except
	targetregex: "^(?!.**",

	// this target is set when either targetregex matches or not set
	// e.g. _blank opens all links in new window
	target: "_blank",

	// the same for css class as for target
	cssclassregex: "^(?!.**",

	cssclass: "aloha",

	// use all resources of type website for autosuggest
	objectTypeFilter: ["website"],

	// handle change of href
	onHrefChange: function (obj, href, item) {
		var jQuery = Aloha.require("jquery");
		if (item) {
		} else {

	// Add additional properties of the link target to the sidebar (if the link
	// target is fetched from a repository)
	sidebar: [
			"attr": "path",
			"title": {
				"en": "Path",
				"de": "Pfad"

	// Adds an anchor button and an additional text field to the ui for editing the link anchor.
	// This enables users to set anchors to pages from the repository.
	anchorLinks: true