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List Enforcer Plugin

The List Enforcer Plugin ensures that in an editable is exactly one top-level list. No other content is allowed.

1 Overview

Given an editable which has been configured to enforce lists, ensures that there is exactly one top-level list in the editable.

  • If there are no lists, one will be added, using the placeHolderListString.
  • If there is more than one list, they will be merged into the first list.
  • If there is any other content in the editable it will be removed.

2 Usage

Enable the plugin and define where you just want lists — this is done with defining jQuery selectors at Aloha.settings.plugins.listenforcer.editables.

3 Components

  • No components in the floating menu or sidebar.

4 Configuration

The List Enforcer plugin provides the following configuration options:

Aloha.settings.plugins: {
	listenforcer: {
		editables: [ '.aloha-enforce-lists', '#list-container' ]