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WAI Language Plugin

The WAI Language Plugin enables the editor to add language annotations to the content.

1 Overview

If you use a number of different languages on a page, the WAI Lang plugin makes it easy to add “lang” attributes to the parts of the content where are language changes.

2 Usage

Include the extra/wai-lang plugin in the plugin list of the Aloha-Editor.

Select the text you want to annotate and click the “Add language annotation” button.

Start typing the language name or code in the input field and select the desired entry.

The text is surrounded with a span-tag with a lang attribute. As language code there will be the either the ISO 639‑1 two-letter code (default) or the ISO 639-2 three-letter code used.

	Guten Tag

3 Components

  • Add language annotation button
  • Language annotation tab with input field for the language and a button to remove a annotation

4 Configuration

The WAI Language plugin provides the following configuration options:

Aloha.settings.plugins: {
	'wai-lang': {
		iso639: 'iso639-1', // iso639-2 for three letter codes
		flags: false,		// whether to show flags in the dropdown
		config: [ 'span' ],
		editables: {
			// Don't allow wai-lang in top-text
			'#top-text': [ ]

5 Further Information

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:
  • HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:
  • Language code reference: