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Namespace: aloha


Aloha Editor API root.





Volatile selection context object.

editor.stackArray.<function(AlohaEvent): AlohaEvent>

Aloha Editor stack.

Aloha Editor’s aloha.editor.stack uses the middleware pattern to thread a
browser event through a series of ordered functions called handlers. Each
handler receives an event (a map of properties), operates on it, and
returns an potentially modified version of that object.

Order matters.

It is important to remember that when it comes to middleware order
matters. Middlewares that depend on particular properties to be in the
event object, need to be ordered after middleware that provide those
required properties. e.g.: handleKeys must be ordered before

Where’s the `next()` argument?

Unlike other middleware implementations, Aloha Editor’s does not require
calling a next() function to continue the execution of the middlewares
function chain. This is because aloha.editor.middleware, assume
synchronous execution for the purpose of processing editing events.



Transforms the given element into an Aloha editable region.
Name Type Description
element Element

editor(nativeEvent, event)

Editor function/namespace.

This is where state is surfaced.
Name Type Description
nativeEvent Event
event AlohaEvent


Destroys an editable.
Name Type Description
element Element
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