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Namespace: carets


carets.js is part of Aloha Editor project http://www.alohaeditor.org

Aloha Editor ● JavaScript Content Editing Library
Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Gentics Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria.
Contributors http://www.alohaeditor.org/docs/contributing.html


box(start, end){Object.<string, number>}

Gets the bounding box of offets for the given range.

This function requires the following css:
.aloha-editable br, .aloha-editable br:after { content: "\A"; white-space: pre-line; }
Name Type Description
start Boundary
end Boundary optional


Removes any ".aloha-caret-box-hint" elements in the body of the given
document and returns it.
Name Type Description
doc Document

showHint(box, doc){Element}

Shows a box element according to the dimensions and orientation of `box`.
Name Type Description
box Object.<string, number>
doc Document
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