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Namespace: links


links.js is part of Aloha Editor project http://www.alohaeditor.org

Aloha Editor ● JavaScript Content Editing Library
Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Gentics Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria.
Contributors http://www.alohaeditor.org/docs/contributing.html


create(href, start, end, created){Array.<Boundary>}

Creates links from the content between the given boundaries.

If the boundaries represent a collapsed selection (visually equal), then
the a link will be created at the boundary position with href as both the
anchor text and the value of the href attribute.

Will pass newly created anchor elements to optional `created` array.
Name Type Description
href string
start Boundary
end Boundary
created Array.<Element> optional
  • - This function should return a list of newly created anchor elements.
    - This function also needs to return the modified boundaries.


This function is missing documentation.
  • Complete documentation.

remove(start, end)

Removes any links in the content between the given boundaries.
Name Type Description
start Boundary
end Boundary
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