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Namespace: keys


keys.js is part of Aloha Editor project http://www.alohaeditor.org

Aloha Editor ● JavaScript Content Editing Library
Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Gentics Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria.
Contributors http://www.alohaeditor.org/docs/contributing.html


ARROWSObject.<number, string>

Arrow keys

CODESObject.<string, number>

A map of key names to their keycode.



Provides meta, keycode
Name Type Description
event AlohaEvent

parseKeys(event){Object.<string, *>}

Parses keys for a browser event. Will return an object as follows:

meta : 'cmd+shift', // active meta keys
keycode : 32, // currently active keycode
key : 'space', // associated key
char : '' // corresponding lowercase character key
Name Type Description
event Event

shortcutHandler(meta, keycode, shortcutHandlers){*}

Goes through the shortcutHandlers object to find a shortcutHandler that
matches the pressed meta keys along with the provided keycode. The
shortcutHandler array must be structured as follows:

// add a shortcut handler for meta+esc on keydown
shortcutHandlers = {
'meta+escape' : function () {},
'meta+shift+b' : function () {}

The order of meta keys in the shortcutHandlers array MUST be in
alphabetical order, as provided by
Name Type Description
meta string
keycode integer
shortcutHandlers Object
  • Keys.parseKeys
if no handler could be found
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