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Namespace: dragdrop




Creates a new drag and drop context.

The following attributes are supported in the options object that is
passed to this function:

The dropEffect attribute controls the drag-and-drop feedback that
the user is given during a drag-and-drop operation. If the
`dropEffect` value is set to "copy", for example, the user agent may
rendered the drag icon with a "+" (plus) sign. The supported values
are "none", "copy", "link", or "move". All other values are ignored.

The element on which dragging was initiated on. If the drag and drop
operation is a moving operation, this element will be relocated into
the boundary at the point at which the drop event is fired. If the
drag and drop operation is a copying operation, then this attribute
should a reference to a deep clone of the element on which dragging
was initiated.

A tuple describing the data that will be set to the drag data store.
Name Type Description
options Object


Whether or not the given node is draggable.

In an attempt to follow the implementation on most browsers, text
selections, IMG elements, and anchor elements with an href attribute are
draggable by default.
Name Type Description
node Element


Processes drag and drop events.

Updates dnd and nativeEvent
Name Type Description
event AlohaEvent
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